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WebSite Creation

For a successful democratization of the Design culture, our solutions will guarantee you a powerful Website

Get your website: functional, modern and powerful!

At a time when several types and formats of screens connect at every moment, the Responsive Web Design technique has become “the most powerful trend solution”.

Since 2009, Web First Rank has become a key player in the field of responsive website creation (mobile web) and e-commerce shop in Tunisia.
Because your website is a reflection of your image, Web First Rank offers you several solutions of web creation that can be adapted to your needs.


So, what should you be looking for in a web development partner? Obviously, development talent and experience are all-important. However, a true partner must also quickly identify business requirements, communicate clearly and transparently, and have a tried-and-tested process

Nothing is left to chance, everything is reflected …

Our Goals : 

      • Responsive Design site creation : adapt to mobiles and tablets; Choice of trend model adaptable to all mobile and tablet devices with a personalized graphic interface. – An attractive graphic design to your image.
      • Adaptive site : a solution to increase its traffic
      • Annual maintenance :and webmastering services

Our Strengths :


Your need is the heart of our creation


We have a very flexible base, easy to adapt to your goal with options to the card.

You are simply led to clarify your need via detailed specifications or to define at least one reference site provided that it is trendy, attractive, ergonomic and referenceable.

Keys In Hand : 


Many options are available on WordPress, prestaShop, Drupal etc:


  • Newsletter
  • Facebook / Twitter page creation
  • Connecting the site to social networks
  • E-commerce website
  • Multilingual website


It depends on your needs and especially the contribution of each option as much to present your business and services as well as to make your site safe and referenceable.

Efficiency :


We will add more value to your image to make it be well designed and harmonious one because this is what mostly matters for the result of your approach. Our digital agency offers complete solutions that include your domain name, your web hosting, your PRO e-mails and your Web Page.

Our advisors will flexibly change in order to advance effectively in your web project.

  • Corporate Site Creation Pack (Showcase)
  • $1800/ Monthly
    • graphic charterCreation (logo, design, …)
    • 1 Language (English/French)
    • Integration of your content Up to 10 Pages (Writing your optional content)
    • Professional Hosting + Domain Name
    • BackOffice included
    • Domain name (.tn, .com, .fr, …)
    • Accommodation space included (1st year)
    • Contact form / quote included
    • “Legal Mentions” page
    • 3 Professional Email Accounts
    • Responsive Website Option
    • Google Maps SEO
    • Shop Management Training 2H

Best choice
  • E-Commerce Shop Creation Pack
  • $2600/ Monthly
    • graphic charter Creation(logo, design, …)
    • 1 Language (English / French)
    • 20 Product Sheets
    • Professional Hosting + Domain Name
    • BackOffice included
    • Domain name (.tn, .com, .fr, …)
    • E-Commerce module with secure online payment interface
    • SSL Certificate (Option)
    • Statistics (visits, average baskets …)
    • 3 Professional Email Accounts
    • Responsive Website
    • Google Maps SEO
    • Shop Management Training 2H