Digital marketing in Africa: The ULTIMATE guide

  With the rise of the internet and social networks in Africa, buying behavior has changed significantly. Even if traditional marketing remains rooted in African cultures and traditions, digital marketing is becoming more and more important in the budget of the continent's businesses. Despite the lowest...

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10 Best SEO tools in 2021

Search engine optimization can be extremely challenging, especially if you’re just starting out.    Google and other search engines constantly change their algorithms, and the way they rank your website is always updated.   Therefore, you need to keep pace with the latest SEO developments in order to stay...

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How to choose your WordPress Theme! #Guide

What is a WordPress theme or template ?

A WordPress template is a series of files that will modify and customize the global appearance of your website, as well as the layout of the content. Thus, a WordPress theme has an impact on the entire visual aspect of your website. Nevertheless, a WordPres themes will not change the generated content such as posts, titles, and descriptions of the site. It is essential to separate the visual appearance of a site from its content.