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Why conduct an seo audit?

SEO Audit Agency in Tunisia

An SEO audit in Tunisia is the essential first step in any natural referencing service. It aims to address various challenges specific to a site, a sector, or even challenges related to SEO.

It is a key phase of your site's visibility on the web that will enable you to design an effective and long-term SEO strategy.

An SEO audit allows you to understand where you stand, prioritize your strengths and weaknesses, and thus prioritize the actions to be implemented later.

A comprehensive audit of a company's SEO requires delving into on-site and off-site ranking factors, including technical performance, backlink profile, and competitor performance.

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Objectives of an SEO Audit

Several factors can influence the performance of your site. Some are visible, such as content or user experience, while others involve your code or the indexing of your pages. Audits are necessary to keep your site optimized.

Without this assessment, it would be challenging to truly understand what is hindering your site's progress in search results.

Therefore, it is essential to carry out a comprehensive SEO audit of a site to optimize it for search engines.

How Does an SEO Audit Take Place in Tunisia?

It is essential to carry out a comprehensive SEO audit of a site to optimize it for search engines, based on your needs, expectations, or the project at hand.


Technical Audit

This involves a technical analysis of the site to assess both positive and negative elements. We evaluate factors such as page speed, 404 errors, HTML images, meta tags, and more.


Semantic Audit

This analysis aims to identify the keywords and phrases on which your site appears in search engines. It involves analyzing and optimizing all content present on the website pages.


Netlinking Audit

This involves examining all external links leading to your site. The analysis can reveal the existence of harmful links. External links have a significant impact on the site's position in search results.


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