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ASO Agency in Tunisia and France Mobile app optimization in Tunisia , also known as ASO (App Store Optimization), is the process of improving the visibility of applications in app stores. ASO, the mobile equivalent of SEO, involves implementing techniques to organically increase the number of application downloads on IOS and Android platforms.

In 2022, the majority of web browsing takes place on mobile devices. Therefore, the goal of ASO is to make mobile applications visible in app stores, facilitating downloads and usage.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Why is it Important?

More than 65% of app downloads come from searches in app stores.

This means that if you don't invest in ASO, you are missing out on the biggest discovery channel available for your app.

Every user ends up going through the app store to download your application.

Whether users arrive at your app page through search engines, social media ads, or other advertising channels, your app page plays a major role in convincing these users to download your app. A well-optimized app page will result in a higher conversion rate and lower investment costs for your advertising campaigns.

Overall, app retention rates are low and decreasing year by year.
However, the 30-day retention rate for organic installs is, on average, 25% higher than for non-organic installs, and it decreases much more slowly. Instead of wasting funds on user acquisition, more and more mobile marketers are turning to ASO and spending their advertising funds to retarget and engage higher-quality users.

So, being featured on the app stores is an opportunity that only a very few get. The more you follow ASO best practices, the higher the chance of being featured.

Statistics show that over the past year in the American App Store:

The top 30 applications in the Shopping category updated their icon almost 4 times.

Casual Games category apps updated their title at least once and their description twice.

ASO works! There is no doubt that, when executed carefully, App Store Optimization (ASO) can generate excellent results. It improves visits to your app page and massively increases the number of downloads.

What are the criteria for ASO ranking?


Keyword Targeting

You need to work on your keywords to rank at the top. Choosing the right keywords ensures relevant search traffic on the App Store. Keywords are crucial in App Store Optimization (ASO), so it's essential to select a keyword consistent with the application's theme.


Title and Descriptions

While it's crucial to insert relevant keywords, don't forget that the title represents the application's identity. The software must contain the main keyword and add value to the application in search results to encourage downloads. Keywords inserted carry significant weight in terms of ranking.



To ensure proper indexing, place the application in the right category. This helps users assess its relevance to their needs. Factors to consider when choosing a category include category popularity, the number of competitors, and the number of regularly updated applications.



Positive user reviews and ratings have a significant impact on your App Store optimization efforts. Aim to collect as many positive ratings as possible, as they can improve the app's positioning. It's in your interest to gather as many positive reviews as possible.


Number of Downloads

The algorithm improves an app's ranking as it receives more downloads. The number of downloads is a crucial factor considered by both Google and Apple stores. We provide ASO recommendations to help increase your app's download count.


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