Coronavirus in Tunisia: Searches for highest volume of traffic

Coronavirus information

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease due to a new virus in China.
This virus causes a respiratory illness similar to influenza with symptoms such as cough, fever and, in the most severe cases, pneumonia that now has been spread around the world causing multiple deaths.

Coronavirus in Tunisia: Searches for highest volume of traffic

So as a digital agency, we have created statistical graphics on what Tunisians are trying to find out about the Coronavirus over the internet and how the World is reacting to it.

As digital marketers, these are the most important questions that help us to better further our researches.

What are the most used terms according to Tunisian internet users?

In which regions most searches occurred about the Corona Virus?

Which searches creates the highest volume of traffic?

What is the coronavirus lexical field?

Searches filtered by Tunisian regions
Searches filtered by regions
Traffic Volume
Traffic volume during the last 30 days
Most used term
Most used term
Coronavirus lexical field
Coronavirus lexical field

Finally, don’t forget to stay at home and take care of yourselves!

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