2020 SEO Trends : E.A.T

2020 SEO Trends E.A.T

E.A.T SEO is part of the Quality Rater Guidelines which is the Google review team that evaluates websites and SERPs. They don’t directly affect rankings but their judgments are used to improve Google’s search algorithm.
Why should we care ? This has become a really important thing, so if you follow these guidelines you will be able te get more traffic as well as more leads.

How to E.A.T SEO?

First, the expertise which concerns the owner of the website. The writer must be an expert and skilfull in his own field and he must prove it.
Second, the authority which concerns the backlinks, your website must be well known and has a good reputation in order to be ranked in the first Google’s pages.
Finally, the Trustworthiness which concerns your website’s security and privacy policy, where people should trust your content and your sources of information, this follows very naturally the previous two rules.

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